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Shear Stress Controller PH

14,790.00 EUR
Model: NOX-E.6-SSC-PH
Manufactured by: Noxygen

Shear Stress Controller BIO-VI-PH  
was specifically developed for investigation of effects of laminar, oscillatory, and pulsatile shear stress on cultured cells. The same time using this apparatus we able  to  control  temperature  in the  range  from  +22°C  to  +50°C,  pO 2   concentration  according  to physiological  or  pathological  conditionspressure  in  the  range  up  to  250mmHg.  Control  of  such variety of parameters allow to simulate in vivo physiological and pathological conditions.

Technical specifications of SSC unit:
Shear conditions:
Laminar shear: 0-30 dyn/cm 2
Pulsatile shear: 50-150 bit/min
Oscillatory shear: 0-30 dyn/cm 2
Temperature range:  +22°C to +50°C
Temperature accuracy:  ± 0.2°C

Photon Counter;

Sensitivity limit: 10 pM/min

Technical specifications of gas unit:

Oxygen/CO 2  manipulation range: from 0 to 25%
Oxygen/CO 2  adjustment acc.: ± 0.1% or ± 0.01%
Pressure range: from 0 to 250 mmHg
Pressure adjustment accuracy: ± 1 mmHg
Windows/Linux based operation software
Power supply 110/240V, 60/50Hz
Power consumption  approximately 200 W

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