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Starter-Kit, Accessories

772.00 EUR  617.00 EUR
20% off

Model: NOX-A.9-STA
Manufactured by: Noxygen

Simplifies handling of frozen samples, micropipettes and capilary sealing consumables should last to up to 1 year.
This set includes the following pieces:

6x Micropipettes DURAN (1500 pieces)
1x Wax plates for capillary sealing
1x Long Forceps 30 cm
1x Wooden applicators (200mm)
1x Double walled liquid Nitrogen Dewar
1x Cutting Tool
2x Capillary holder
2x Teflon Screw Nut
1x PT-Capillary (ID 1.27x0.004 mm)
1x PT-Capillary (ID 1.07x0.15 mm)
1x Micropipettes Wiretrol

Save up to 20% with this set, compared to the original price without the rebate.

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