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Noxyscan System - EMX series

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Model: NOX-E.10-BEMX
Manufactured by: Noxygen
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Commercial EPR for Medical & Pharmaceutical App

The Noxyscan System is the state of the art research system for EPR applications with biological samples. The Noxyscan System EMX series consists of Bruker's EMXnano and Noxygen's Temperature and Gas Controller.

The EMXnano is an X-band Bench-top EPR spectrometer system. EPR spectroscopy is the only analytical method to detect paramagnetic species, such as radicals directly. The EMXnano combines an answer for today's demands for a tailored analytical instrument with a research-grade instrument's flexibility.

Upgraded with the Temperature and Gas Controller enables researchers to produce highly reliable, reproduciable results revealing biological samples' true physiological behavior. The non-physiological unreal oxygen concentration of ambient air for cells induces up to 6-times the formation of ROS and diminishes up to 10 times the di­ffusion of NO in biological

objects. Temperature stabilization is crucial for any biological applications. For example, a temperature increase from +22°C to +37°C during the measurements causes a 10-fold increase in the release of reactive oxygen species in biological objects. Without using such stabilization of the samples, the reproducibility of results and expected physiological behavior is compromised.

About Bruker:

Bruker is the world-wide leader of EPR instrumentation. The EPR products range from the EMXnano to the most advanced, high-level research platform, the eleXsys spectrometer series. Thanks to Bruker's experience, the EMXnano delivers unparalleled price-to-performance.

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