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DF - 100mg

38.00 EUR
Model: NOX-09.1-100mg
Manufactured by: Noxygen
Synonym: Deferoxamine methanesulfonate salt
Appearance: White Solid
Chemical Structure: C25H48N6O8· C
MW: 656.79
Purity: 99%
Solubility: water 50 mg/mL
Storage: -20°C

An iron chelator used often in the studies of cell proliferation and apoptosis.
Induces apoptosis in cells by chelating iron. After 48 hrs treatment with 1 μ M
deferoxamine, DNA fragmentation was apparent. Cells treated with 0.1 μM
deferoxamine for as little as 24 hours were committed to apoptosis; by 48 hrs
nuclear collapse was observed. In some studies it has been shown to have
antioxidant properties and to protect cells against H2O2-induced damage.


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