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How Noxygen can help

Noxygen is dedicated to the medical or biological use of EPR and offers with a wide range of experience Jump Start and Advanced EPR User Training.

In the past, it has been shown that the Jump Start Training saves you and your staff about 1-2 years for setting up the right protocol to measure the target of interest in a reliable way. Not to mention the potential lost and unuseable study data generated in the meantime.

The benfits of Jump Start Training

In the Jump Start training, you will be taught reliable and working protocols from the start. Furthermore, crucial pointers will help you avoid mistakes and optimize your signal intensity as well as improve the reproducibility of results. Finally, the option to adapt the course slightly to your particular research question by our expert will allow you to start right away with your studies.

Interested? Read on for the options of an EPR course (download .pdf)

3-day on-site jump start or advanced EPR training

Full EPR training of both hard- and software titled "Detection of O2-and NO in vivo and in vitro using EPR". Including the optimization of scanning parameters; essentials and advanced methods for applying EPR on medical research; evaluated protocols for jump-start included; adaption to individual research questions possible.

  • Location: on site in customer's laboratory
  • Material: EPR machine and consumables to be provided by customer
  • Terms: travel and accommodation flate rate included
  • Duration: 3-days
Region Price Article Number
Germany 6.290 EUR NOX-S.5.3-O2/NO-FDE
Europe 6.790 EUR NOX-S.5.3-O2/NO-FEU
North America 8.250 EUR NOX-S.5.3-O2/NO-FUS
Rest of the world 8.650 EUR NOX-S.5.3-O2/NO-FRW
See the topic options of an EPR course (.pdf)

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